Graduating Class #377

We are proud to introduce Class 377, which graduated on January 27, 2013.

After graduation, our students returned home to: Idaho, Nevada, Washington, California and Hawaii.

We asked each student from this class,

“What was it like walking with your new guide dog for the first time in harness?”

Here’s what each of them replied:

Sarah Bair and Gizmo
Gizmo and Sarah Bair“I was terrified of falling or running into something. I was afraid of trusting Gizmo. After our walk, I was relieved, knowing he would protect me from my original fears. We did it!”


Charles Hoel and Blake
Blake and Charles Hoel“I was raised with dogs and have always been comfortable with them, and found that I was very trusting of Blake from the start. We got into a groove and it just felt right.”


Jan Brown and Sunny
Sunny and Jan Brown “It was very humbling. Sunny is a great dog and I realized how far off track on the basics I had gone with my previous guide dogs. It made me realize how much work I needed to do to get back into working a guide dog the proper way.”


John Novosel and Rocky
Rocky and John Novosel“I felt a sense of freedom. I was able to walk without the limitations that a white cane can have.
Rocky had confidence in being my eyes and that was a breath of fresh air to me. He’s my best friend now.”


Paula Castro and Jeanie
Jeanie and Paula Castro“I felt like I was walking on sunshine. All my trust was in Jeanie as my eyes. I felt free and ready to go!”


Diana Turley and Grayson
Grayson and Diana Turley“It was a nice, slow, gentle walk. I felt freedom of movement and so happy to not have to carry a cane. I had no fear, and felt very confident with Grayson.”


Amity Human and Joey
Joey and Amity Human“I was a little scared at first, but as we kept walking I felt more relaxed. I felt the pull in the harness handle, found the sweet spot and loved it. I fell in love with Joey.”


Tina Sutton and Basha
Basha and Tina Sutton“It was scary yet satisfying. When we approached a curb, she took me around a bump and I realized how trained she was. I was excited knowing that everything would be OK.”


Anna Garzya and Capri
Capri and Anna Garzya“I felt very free walking fast without any worries about watching each step. It felt good to walk like a sighted person. It amazes me how these dogs work and care for you.”


Cheryl McMannis and Etch
Etch and Cheryl McMannis“I felt like I was soaring on an eagle’s wings! I felt safe again and able to go where I wanted to go. I was able to walk fast and felt the wind blowing in my hair. I am excited to embark on my new relationship with Etch.”


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