Events & Fundraisers

To explore some of our past fundraising events, click on any of the sections below. To participate in one of our many activities, visit our calendar page to see what’s coming up next.

Special Events at GDA’s Campus

Macki and Phil Singer Visitor and Education Center opening, December 2016

Macki and Phil Singer Visitor and Education Center groundbreaking, April 2014

Wine, Scotch and Cigars 2014
Wine, Scotch and Cigars 2013

Guide Dogs of America’s Ride For Guides
Canyon Country: 2015

Motorcycle Events Nationwide

Hawgs for Dogs
Minnesota: July 2015
Minnesota: July 2014
Minnesota: July 2013
Las Vegas: November 2012
Minnesota: July 2011
Minnesota: July 2010
Las Vegas: November 2010
Las Vegas: November 2009
Las Vegas: November 2009 (more pics)
Las Vegas: November 2008
Massachusetts: August 2008
Minnesota: July 2008
Las Vegas: November 2007
Las Vegas: November 2006
Las Vegas: November 2005
Las Vegas: November 2004
Las Vegas: November 2003
Las Vegas: November 2002
Minnesota: 2003

Local Lodge 2003: May 2008
Poker Run: October 2004

Golf Events Nationwide

Charity Golf Tournaments
Las Vegas, 2016
Las Vegas, 2015
Las Vegas, 2012
Las Vegas, 2010
Las Vegas, 2008
Las Vegas, 2005
Las Vegas, 2004
Las Vegas, 2003
Las Vegas, 2002

14th Annual John Massetti Memorial, August 2014
15th Annual John Massetti Memorial, August 2015

Other Special Events

Winpisinger Charity Banquets

36th annual, Las Vegas: 2016
34th annual, Las Vegas: 2014
33rd annual, Las Vegas: 2013
32nd annual, Las Vegas: 2012
31st annual, Las Vegas: 2011
30th annual, Las Vegas: 2010
28th annual, Las Vegas: 2008
27th annual, Las Vegas: 2007
26th annual, Las Vegas: 2006
25th annual, Las Vegas: 2005
24th annual, Las Vegas: 2004
23rd annual, Las Vegas: 2003
22nd annual, Las Vegas: 2002
21st annual, Las Vegas: 2001

“Partner’s” Award Dinner
“Partner’s” Dinner 2011
“Partner’s” Dinner 2009
“Partner’s” Dinner 2008
“Partner’s” Dinner 2007
“Partner’s” Dinner 2006


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