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Bobbi LaChance – A New Chapter

Liza Retires

Working alongside sight-impaired programmer analyst Agustin Moreno, Guide Dog Liza has put in 5 years at Metro. In dog years, we’re talking 35 years of being happy at your job.

Shadow Finds Her Way at Metro

Meet Shadow, a 2-year-old black Labrador guide dog who’s getting to know Metro and winning hearts in the process as she guides her master through the labyrinth of escalators, elevators, plazas and cubicles.

Health Scare Experiments

Lorri Bernson and her guide dog, Carter, participate in a “Health Scare Experiment” with The Doctors.

Guide Dogs of America on WTVY News

This is a story that WTVY news did on Teresa Blevins and her new Guide Dog. Thank you for doing a great job with the story, WTVY.

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