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Mary Deets with dogsAfter Mary Deets’ fiftieth birthday she suffered a severe head injury in a bicycle accident and lost all of her memory. She awoke from a coma unable to walk, talk or eat. She had to relearn those things. What she couldn’t relearn was her-self. Who was she? What did she like, dislike? Why was she here? She couldn’t answer those questions. She needed help. Mary found help in the form of Guide Dogs of America.

Mary has raised 13 dogs for Guide Dogs of America, including her current puppy, Hopi. Two of her dogs have become full-fledged guide dogs, after being dropped from GDA’s program three became search-and-rescue dogs and the others now do therapy work in hospitals and convalescent homes. Technically Mary raised these dogs to serve others. But she knows who they also serve. With their help she sees something she once feared she’d lost forever—her-self.

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