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Photograph of a man walking down a path with the aid of a guide dog.Guide Dog Defined: A guide dog is a specially trained dog that acts as a mobility tool to aid blind and visually impaired individuals. They provide mobility without stress in the form of a loving companion. With the increased mobility and independence gained through the use of a guide dog, the confidence of the human partner of the guide team soars. Guide dogs must be intelligent, alert, and willing to serve.

About Our Trainers: In the state of California, Guide Dog Instructors are licensed by the California State Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Instructors must complete a 3 year apprenticeship under a licensed instructor at a certified guide dog school. This program of instruction was formulated in compliance with the California State Guide Dog Act, from California administrative code, title 16, chapter 22, article 2, section 2266.

Upon completing the apprenticeship, one is eligible to take a written, practical, or oral exam to obtain a license per the California State Board of Guide Dogs. California is one of the only states to have a Guide Dog Instructor license requirement.

All of Guide Dogs of America’s trainers are licensed, dedicated individuals who have a strong commitment to serving the blind community through providing the best guide dogs possible.

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