Our Kennel building has the ability to house over 100 dogs at one time (with 2 dogs per kennel). Generally we have about ½ of that, but it does fluctuate with the season and the training schedule. One half of the building is designated for the dogs currently in Training. The other half is for boarding dogs. Dogs come in for Boarding for a variety of reasons. We house dogs here requiring medical attention such as spaying or neutering. We also keep dogs that are in Heat in this area, provided they are not needing in the Breeding Facility. Occasionally a Guide Dog will need to be boarded for a short time. It is also important for the puppies to become accustomed to the kennel environment before coming in for Training. This makes the adjustment a bit easier for them.

Photo of our kennels

Dogs truly enjoy coming here. In fact a number of our Puppy Raisers refer to us as “Camp G.D.A.!” Our dogs enjoy regular walks, grooming sessions and group play time. Each of our Kennel Techs is dedicated to providing the dogs with quality care and attention. The dogs are carefully monitored each day for potential medical problems or behavioral issues that the Trainers may need to be aware of.

For Boarding Reservations or Vet Appointments (GDA puppies and dogs only please) call 818-833-6471.

Our kennels are open to Puppy Raisers from 9am – 12 pm and from 1pm – 4 pm Monday through Saturday. All other visitors are requested to contact the front desk or visit the Tours page for more information.

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