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What does TLCAD do?

TLCAD is a nonprofit organization that uses only positive reinforcement to train and place:

  • Veteran service dogs

  • Autism service dogs

  • Facility dogs


Where do you get your dogs?

  • TLCAD puppy program, learn more HERE

  • The Assistance Dogs International (ADI) Breeding Cooperative

Who trains your dogs?

TLCAD dogs are trained by prisoners in our rehabilitative program. Click HERE for more information.

How is TLCAD funded?

TLCAD is funded by generous individual donors, private & government grants, foundations, individual businesses, and corporations.

How do I apply for a service dog? Do I qualify?

Visit our programs page HERE for application information.

What support do you provide service dog recipients?

TLCAD is always available to clients for questions, concerns and refresher training on an as-needed basis for the working life of each TLCAD service dog.


What do you charge for your service dogs?

We do not charge for our service dogs. TLCAD relies on donations and grants to provides service dogs to those in need.

What are your standards for training?

We are an Assistance Dogs International accredited organization. All of our dogs are trained to ADI standards for public access and service dog cues, and we follow ADI guidelines for placement of our dogs.

Can you train my pet dog to be a service dog?

TLCAD does not train pet dogs to become service dogs.