Forms for Current Puppy Raisers

Puppy Raiser Forms

Puppy raisers are required to submit a monthly report for each month they foster the puppy, beginning as soon as the puppy transitions into the foster home. Monthly reports can be submitted via any computer or smart phone, as follows:

Monthly Progress Report (7 weeks to 5 months)

Monthly Progress Report (6 months to IFT (In For Training))

Puppy Raiser Group Class Survey

Puppy Raiser In Home Feedback

Puppy Sitting Report
When another puppy raiser watches your puppy, even if just for a few hours, please ask the sitter to submit a Puppy Sitting Report

If you are dropping off a dog for another raiser, or sending your dog with someone else, be sure to print and complete a Dog Drop Off Form – PDF Format form.

Vet Care While Boarding
If you have pre-arranged for the vet department to see your puppy about a medical concern during the kennel stay, please print and complete a Veterinary Department Questionnaire – PDF Format. Note: Vet appointments during boarding stays are not guaranteed. Please contact the Vet Department prior to the kennel visit to inquire about availability.

Veterinary Reimbursement
If your foster puppy required approved outside vet care, please submit a Veterinary Reimbursement Form – PDF Format.

If you have difficulty accessing or submitting a form, please contact us at 818-362-5834 or