Puppy Sponsorship

Your $5,000 donation covers the cost of breeding, medical costs (inoculations, spay/neuter, vaccinations & veterinarian visits) heartworm preventative, locator microchip, hip x-rays, dog food, puppy bib, adult jacket, obedience classes, puppy kit (includes all necessary supplies for new puppies – dish, leash, puppy manual etc.), plus periodic evaluations by the puppy and training departments.

As a sponsor, you will receive photographs and a written update quarterly, and your name will be embroidered on the puppy jacket.

Your sponsored puppy will be thoroughly evaluated at around 18 months of age to determine if he or she is eligible to continue on to formal guide or service dog training or be selected for our breeding program. If the dog you sponsored as a puppy successfully completes guide or service dog training, and is scheduled to graduate, you will receive an invitation to our graduation ceremony. The ceremony will include recognition of your generosity.

It is important to remember that not all our pups go on to be guide or service dogs. In fact, approximately 40% are removed from the program because of problems with health or temperament (ie: allergies, congenital problems, overly solicitous, cat or dog distractions, etc.). While it is tremendously disappointing for all of us to remove pups from the program, the safety and well-being of our graduates is first and foremost.

If it is determined that your sponsored puppy is not suited for guide or service work, the puppy raiser will have the option of keeping the dog as a family pet. We refer to this as a “career change” for the dog. At that time, your sponsorship donation will be acknowledged at the following graduation as supporting the newest class of guide and service dog teams.

We appreciate your interest in our sponsorship program. By working together, we help blind and visually impaired individuals regain their mobility, confidence, and independence.

Other puppy-related sponsorship opportunities:

Newborn Puppy Sponsor: $1,000 (GDA | TLC’s choice)
You will receive a certificate with a photo of a newborn puppy. Covers the cost of breeding and delivery.

Sponsor a Litter of Puppies: $2,500 – (GDA | TLC’s choice)
You will receive a certificate with a photo of a mother and her litter of puppies. Covers the cost of breeding, delivery and all expenses up to 8 weeks of age.

For more information, contact Judy Reilly at (818) 833-6437 or JAReilly@guidedogsofamerica.org