Guide Dogs Improve the Lives of Local Residents Part 1

Adam Bailey and His Dog Mica

Adam, along with his girlfriend Erin and daughter Nawny, were proud to take part in the Flight for Sight Fun Run

Adam Bailey, who lives in Lake Stevens, echoes those sentiments in gaining friends at GDA, as well as the tremendous difference his Guide Dog, Mica, has made in his life.

“Before I had Mica, I used a white cane so I didn’t know when hazards were coming. My biggest concern was getting to and from work safely. With Mica, I am much safer in all my travels,” said Adam.

As a purchasing manager at Precision Cast Parts near Everett, Adam takes the DART bus to and from work. His job at this aerospace supplier often requires him to be on the factory floor, which presents it own set of challenges with forklifts moving material daily around the shop floor.

I can more effectively do all aspects of my job with Mica

“Moving objects are difficult for me and in the past, I hesitated to do things if I knew there was traffic. Mica has changed that and been a big help for me at my job. They even made her a badge so she is officially part of the crew,” said Adam. “At work, I couldn’t just memorize a route because things continually change. One day there may be a pallet of aluminum, but the next day it’s gone. With Mica, I can more effectively do all aspects of my job, including being on the factory floor.”

Adam suffers from Usher Syndrome – a condition characterized by both hearing and vision loss.

Mica has given me more freedom and independence

“It is hard enough to lose your eyesight, but add hearing loss and that makes it even harder. Mica has made an incredible impact on my family and given me a lot more freedom and independence, not to mention keeping me safe,” said Adam.

He was proud to attend the event to enlighten and educate others on Guide Dogs of America. The fact that it was a Machinists Union event made it even more special since both his parents worked at Boeing and are retired after 35 years – giving him a special connection to our events.