“B” Litter Meets Their Volunteer Raisers!

Guide Dogs of America’s volunteer puppy raiser families foster our puppies from the age of 8 weeks until the dogs enter formal guide dog training at around 18 months of age.

Guide Dogs of America’s “B” litter went home with their GDA volunteer puppy raisers on April 3! The German Shepherd puppies are pictured here as a group with their raisers at our campus.

Pictured, from left: Kristine Coyle with Britta, Lorry Rawding with Bella, Linda Loper picking up Brooklyn, and the Wurts family picking up Boston.
Pictured, from left: Karlen English with Blitz, Glenn Whiteford with Booker, Andi Krusoe with Bowie, and Chris Roth with Bacchus.

Thank you GDA volunteers for opening your hearts and homes and helping us to raise outstanding guide dogs!

GDA’s volunteer puppy raisers open their hearts and homes to our puppies and help us raise the best guide dogs possible. Learn more about GDA’s puppy raising program at https://www.guidedogsofamerica.org/programs/puppy-raising/

Interested in supporting our mission to change the lives of those who are blind? GDA is looking for loving homes to raise a puppy of 8 weeks of age until he or she is around 18 months old. We want to hear from you!

Please contact Louise Henderson at:
(818) 833-6441 or