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GDA | TLC Partners Newsletter Available Online!

Catch up on all the happenings at GDA | TLC this past summer! Check out the new store items! Read the latest issue here » If you would like to subscribe to our electronic newsletter and receive notification of our … Read more

Orbit Brought Me Back to Life

“I am a combat veteran with chronic PTSD and I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS). My brain and spinal cord have dozens of areas of damage that affect all aspects of my daily life.  TLCAD matched Orbit and me … Read more

Preston in 2018

Preston is a Courthouse Facility Dog at the Vandenberg Airforce Base working in the Sexual Assault Preventing Response Unit.

Jackson Came Home and Changed Lives

Dear TLCAD, I am not sure I can put into words how grateful our family is for your program!  We started our journey when our son, Parker, was diagnosed with autism.  He was becoming more frustrated with the academic demands … Read more

Richard and Amador

Amador supports Richard, an Army veteran, by performing retrieval and deep pressure input. Amador helps to decrease symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and mobility limitations, while increasing independence and overall quality of life for this deserving veteran and his family. … Read more

Preston Gives Comfort During The Darkest Hours

Dear TLCAD,   Thank you again for the amazing gift that has been Preston. When I started the journey of looking for a facility placement I never could have imagined how his work would truly be changing lives every day. … Read more