Donor Spotlight – Blair Brignall

A Trip to GDA Took This Partner in Trust on a Trip Down Memory Lane

The retirement community where Ms. Blair Brignall is a resident was offering a trip to Guide Dogs of America to visit the school and learn about the program and, of course, see the dogs.

Brignall loves dogs, especially Labrador Retrievers. Seeing the dogs at the school brought back fond memories of her beloved dog and the National Field Champion Labrador Retrievers that her father-in-law had raised.

“You take one look at the faces of the dogs at GDA and you can see just how intelligent they are,” Brignall said. “They are just wonderful dogs and they do so much to help their blind partners.”

This is something she has seen first-hand on many occasions since making her trip to the school.

“After my visit to GDA, I noticed a gentleman in my community with a guide dog. I asked him about his dog and he told me that they had graduated from Guide Dogs of America,” Brignall said. “Many times, I would ride the bus with them. The man knew I was a dog lover and always let his dog give me a big kiss. I would watch them work together in our community, and it really inspired me to want to do something for people like my neighbor to receive a guide dog. I contacted GDA and that’s when I learned about becoming a Partner in Trust and designated a gift to the school.”

Brignall has been a Partner in Trust since 2010 and proudly tells her friends about her decision to designate GDA in her trust and would encourage others to do the same.

“I spread the word about GDA and the wonderful work the school does for so many people like my neighbor, whose guide dog gives him such great freedom and independence,” Brignall said.

For information about becoming a Partner in Trust, please contact Rhonda Bissell at (818) 833-6432.