Donor Spotlight – Donor’s Support of GDA is a Hole in One

Avid golfer Joleen Janssen first became familiar with Guide Dogs of America when she played in a GDA golf tournament. She won the tournament several times, but it’s GDA that came out the big winner when Janssen decided to include GDA in her planned giving and become a Partner in Trust.

Janssen has been a donor since 2002, but wanted to do more and ensure that her support of the school would live on.

“I took the GDA brochure to my attorney because I wanted to be sure that the name was absolutely correct,” Janssen said. “I think it’s a wonderful organization. I have no children so I needed some place to leave my money when I’m gone. I felt that GDA was a very worthwhile and it’s a cause I believe in.”

Janssen admitted that they spent more time at the tee, loving and petting the GDA puppies-in-training that greeted them on the course, but that was fine with her. It was that extra time that deepened her understanding of and appreciation for the school and the work it does.

“Over the years, I have explained to many people what the organization is all about and the service GDA provides,” Janssen said. “I tell them if you have any faith in dogs at all, I think it’s just a perfect place to make a donation or leave your money. Like me, my friends are dog-lovers and they agree with me that it is an excellent cause.”

For information about becoming a Partner in Trust, please contact
Rhonda Bissell at (818) 833-6432.