Dottie’s Ability to Acclimate

From the coast of California to the forests of Alaska, Facility Dog Dottie shows her ability to acclimate to any situation. Whose role once assisted children at The Winston School in Del Mar, CA, she now has been given the opportunity to work again! Her new job allows her to positively transform the lives of the staff and of over 20+ students a day at the Aquarian Charter School in Anchorage, AK.

Dottie has brought confidence and calm to students with disabilities. However, I’m most impressed with the effect that Dottie has on our overall school climate. It is very hard to describe how she impacts a buildings atmosphere without seeing the before and after. Dottie brings a positive tangible calm to our community. I can not stress enough just how great this experience has been for our community. I have never seen a dog perform at Dottie’s level. This is a very impressive high caliber dog that has become a tremendous asset to our school. Lucas Saltzman, Aquarian Charter School Principal