Sponsorship is a wonderful way to support the Guide Dogs of America program and get involved in the process. Our sponsors are given special updates and acknowledgment during the Graduation Ceremony.

There are nine different Sponsorship Opportunities:

Student Travel Sponsor: $750
Covers the cost of a student’s transportation to and from Guide Dogs of America to attend our in-residence training program during which the student will receive his or her new guide dog and instruction in how to work with the guide dog as a team.

Newborn Puppy Sponsor: $1,000 (GDA’s choice)
You will receive a certificate with a photo of a newborn puppy. Covers the cost of breeding and delivery.

Sponsor a Litter of Puppies: $2,500 – (GDA’s choice)
You will receive a certificate with a photo of a mother and her litter of puppies. Covers the cost of breeding, delivery and all expenses up to 8 weeks of age.

Student Accommodation Sponsor: $3,000
This sponsorship covers room and board expenses for 21 days in the student dormitory, travel expenses and guide dog graduation kit for one student.

Puppy Sponsorship: $5,000
This sponsorship covers the expenses from breeding to 18 to 20 months old. As a sponsor, you will receive a written update and photographs quarterly.

For more information on sponsorships from $750-$5,000, please contact Judy Reilly at (818) 833-6437 or JAReilly@GuideDogsofAmerica.org


Training Sponsorship: $10,000
Covers all costs while a future guide dog is in training for approximately six months, including all evaluations, medical care, and food.

Guide Dog Sponsorship: $24,000
This covers all of the breeding, puppy and medical expenses plus all guide dog training. Guide Dog Sponsors have the opportunity to choose the breed of dog and are invited to and acknowledged at graduation.

Student Sponsorship: $24,000
This sponsorship covers all the expenses of a student during their 21-day in-residence training program as well as their transportation to and from the school.

Team Sponsorship: $48,000
This is our highest level of sponsorship. It covers all expenses of both guide dog and student.

For more information on sponsorships from $10,000-$48,000 please contact Debra Grossman at (818) 833-6436 or DLGrossman@GuideDogsofAmerica.org