In Memory of Service Dog Mojo

TLCAD would like to re-introduce Spencer Fox and his TLCAD Service Dog, Mojo, placed with Spencer four years ago. Mojo passed away suddenly a few months ago, but many of you are unaware of how big a gift Mojo was to Spencer and his family. Spencer was injured in a skiing accident and not expected to ever walk again. He was to enter high school, in a wheelchair rather than walk like most of his classmates.Spencer and his mother, Celia, became very focused on the possibility of his being able to walk again. They went to Project Walk in Carlsbad several times a week to strengthen muscles, improve balance and eventually he was able to walk beside his Service Dog Mojo, who wore a custom balance harness. Spencer has worked extremely hard to obtain his goal with the support of his dedicated mother and sister.This #September, Spencer will be going off to college. He will be without Mojo who walked beside him during his four years of rehab; on the treadmill, assisted him to move in and out of bed, retrieved numerous objects for Spencer, kept him socially involved with his friends and got ‘Help’ for him in the middle of the night by going upstairs and awakening his mother.Below is a video that captures how far Spencer has traveled in his recovery. It has been four years of very hard and continuous work for Spencer and his family. Mojo was able to play a big part in that recovery – a true gift to Spencer.[youtube]

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