It is a success story from this mother’s perspective!

Spencer Fox uses the help of Tender Loving Canines Assistant Dog Mojo! Mojo wears a balance harness to assist Spencer to walk independently and not to miss out on being a young man in high school. Spencer has made great progress in his recovery from paralysis everyday since his injury when he was thirteen.With the help of Mojo, Spencer’s progress in his recovery from a skiing accident the summer before his freshmen year of high school, has helped him achieve the ability to walk independently. Mojo has given him confidence as he now goes to his Prom and embarks on his senior year of high school and plans to attend college in 2014. His latest success was receiving his driver’s license and raising enough funds to buy a car that can lift his 80-lb wheelchair in and out of the vehicle, as well as having a customized steering knob and a left-sided accelerator.

“I confess I am so proud of Spencer. Getting his driver’s license was a tremendous boost to his self-confidence. He seems game for so much now. It is such a treat, watching Spencer and Mojo pile into his car in the mornings and take off to tackle the day independently. You [TLCAD] are part of what got us where we are!”