Journeys with Guide Dogs

Kennelside Chats

Check out our Kennelside Chats series, Guide Dogs of America and Tender Loving Canines graduates discuss their personal experiences and journeys with their service dog partners.

Our GDA Kennelside Chat series offers an in-depth look at assorted topics of interest to our community at-large, from honest discussions with graduates about navigating the world with highly skilled service dogs by their side, to a review of the admissions process and our 21-day in-residence training program, an in-depth look at the Tender Loving Canines side of the Guide Dogs of America Family, and much more! Kennelside chats are conducted using Zoom webinar technology and, with a few exceptions, are archived as audio recordings.

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Kennelside Chat with Lorilei Lebruska, Akina Goodson and Emily Dreiling.

Service dog graduates share how being partnered with their service dogs has changed their lives. Part 1 is the initial conversation with the three graduates and Part 2 is the audience Q&A Session.

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Kennelside Chat with Teresa Blevins and Tony Atiles

The Puppy Dept. and Canine Dev’t. teams sit down (virtually) with GDA graduates Teresa Blevins and Tony Attiles to learn about their experience as guide dog users. 

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Get to Know Tender Loving Canines!

GDA’s Puppy Dept. sits down with Victoria Cavaliere, director of the service dog program, and three additional TLC staff members, for an in-depth look at how service dog puppies are trained. 

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Lorri Bernson and Captain

“Ask Me Anything!” with Lorri and Captain.  GDA’s Media and Community Liaison, and a four-time program graduate, fields questions from the organization’s puppy raisers. 

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Adam Beasley, Daleville, AL

Adam Beasley, Daleville volunteer with Guide Dogs of America, talks with Carolyn Hutcheson, host of In Focus, about Guide Dogs and Service Dogs, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Adam is pictured left with retired Guide Dog Asia.

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Greg Steinmetz

Greg Steinmetz, GDA’s manager of admissions and graduate services reviews the ins and outs of Guide Dogs of America’s admissions process; what’s required of applicants to be accepted into the program; and how the 21-day residential program is structured.

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Adam Bailey with Mica and Lorri Bernson with Captain

Lorri Bernson and Captain with Adam Bailey and Mica

This month we feature Lorri Bernson and Adam Bailey: Lorri is a four-time GDA graduate, as well as the organization’s media and community liaison.  Adam Bailey is currently enjoying life with his first-ever guide dog, Mica, from Guide Dogs of America. Lorri and Adam appeared as special guests during the Puppy Department’s all-area monthly puppy group meeting, held via Zoom during this time of physical distancing.  Their stories are so inspirational, we wanted to make them available for all to enjoy.

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Tom Olzak with Goliath

Tom Olzak, two-time GDA graduate and current board member at Guide Dogs of America. Originally recorded on April 9. Tom is a wealth of information and a natural storyteller, and it was an absolute gift to hear him recount his personal experience as a guide dog user, and share how much having his guide dogs — first Wrigley and now Goliath — have changed his life.

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