Successor Service Dog Form

Successor Service Dog Application

TLCAD recognizes the that the bond our teams have lasts a lifetime, and no dog can ever be replaced. We also recognize our clients needs for a dog may continue once their service dog retires or passes, and TLCAD is here to support you on your journey to obtain a successor service dog.

Please note that TLCAD currently utilizes a Team Training model to place service dogs (to include successor service dogs). Prior to applying for a successor dog, please click here and familiarize yourself with our Team Training process. 


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I have read, understand, and can participate in TLCAD’s Team Training process to be placed with a successor dog.

Per Assistance Dogs International Standards, TLCAD service dog recipients are eligible to be placed with the next appropriate service dog that has the strengths, skills, and temperament to meet their needs. Current clients must be re-screened for placement and participate in TLCAD’s Team Training process in order to be eligible to be placed with a successor service dog.