Superdogs, To The Rescue!

We partnered with Spot Pet Insurance to highlight how we help our clients who are blind and visually impaired by matching them with dogs who become trusted companions.

Featured organization: Guide Dogs of America

About our guide dogs:

“Guide Dogs of America provides highly-skilled guide dogs to people who are blind or visually impaired at no cost to them. Their dogs become trusted companions that bring new opportunities for life experiences and social interaction, as well as greater confidence and independence.”

“Our guide dogs for people who are blind/visually impaired improve our clients’ mobility and bring new opportunities for life experiences and social interaction. These highly trained canines help our clients travel safely from one destination to the next, avoid obstacles, stop at changes in elevation and for all oncoming traffic, as well as remembering common routes.”

“Our trainers are experts at pairing students with the right canine partner, with special consideration given to their personalities and unique characteristics, work and home environments, physical abilities, and a variety of other factors. We like to call it, ‘The Magic of the Match’.”

– Mariah A. Romo, Guide Dogs of America

Lorri & Captain

Success story: Captain & Lorri

Lorri Bernson stands at the corner, patiently waiting to cross the bustling intersection outside her apartment. With her is a beautiful yellow Labrador guide dog named Captain, who’s been training his entire life for this moment to keep Lorri safe.

Captain was a perfect match for Lorri’s needs, traits, and lifestyle. After being matched, the two have learned how to work as a team. As Lorri’s guide dog, Captain’s main job is to help Lorri get safely from one destination to the next. He is trained to avoid obstacles and stop at changes in elevation like curbs or stairs. Captain even remembers Lorri’s daily and weekly routes like getting into the office or going to the bus stop.

“Because of the bond we share, the trust I have in him is incomparable. With Captain, it’s not about what I can’t do; it’s what I can do.” 

To Lorri, Captain has become more than her guiding eyes and trusted companion; he is a bearer of confidence and independence. So, although Lorri cannot see, Captain allows her to accomplish what others may find impossible.

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Written by Spot Pet Insurance. Spot pet insurance belives pets make us better humans. They strive to support pet parents and their furry family members from wet nose to waggy-tail with comprehensive products, services, and plans with pet insurance.