Workplace Giving

Donating through Workplace Giving Campaigns is a convenient way to support Guide Dogs of America while providing team work and morale at the office during the campaign.

There are several types of Workplace Giving Campaigns including: the Combined Federal Campaign(CFC), the State Employees Charitable Campaign (SECC), the United Way, and company sponsored Workplace Giving Campaigns.

The CFC and SECC: For the CFC and SECC, just look for Guide Dogs of America under Animal Funds of America or animal charities. For CFC we are code #11873.

Many Workplace Campaign donor members continually support Guide Dogs of America year after year. We offer our thanks and hope you will designate us again in the future. The increased mobility and independence our blind individuals achieve through the use of a guide dog makes has changed the lives of these men and women. Please think of us again in this next, upcoming campaign.

United Way: The United Way is fractioned into different United Ways at the nation, state, and local levels. Each United Way operates independent from the other. With thousands of United Ways throughout the USA it is not possible for us to register as a member agency to all United Ways. If Guide Dogs of America is not listed in your United Way brochure, ask if you can designate to a non-listed or non-member agency. If they allow that, simply write us in as they instruct. Be sure to include our address when designating us so that they can easily contact us for verification documents. Many United Ways show their dedication to our cause annually by writing in Guide Dogs of America on their pledge card. Since we serve the entire United States and Canada, we appreciate the wide spread support. Please consider designating Guide Dogs of America in this year’s campaign and thank you for your support!

Company Sponsored Workplace Giving Campaigns: Many companies have Workplace Giving Campaigns that are either a one time gift or convenient payroll deductions so that you can give throughout the year. If Guide Dogs of America is not listed in your brochure, ask your supervisor if you can write us in or add Guide Dogs of America to their list of charities. By adding Guide Dogs of America to the list of charities, you open up the door for your coworkers to also join you in supporting our mission of providing these extraordinary guide dogs for blind individuals who want to live more independently. This is a way to not only help with your gift, but also help by increasing our support. It also communicates your deep commitment to our cause to your coworkers and management team. You may also wish to ask your employer about matching gift opportunities that can double your gift, literally.