With Solar by My Side

With Solar by Her Side

With Solar by her side, Sadie has been able to strive toward greater independence. Prior to receiving Solar, Sadie used a wheel chair and walker for her mobility needs. Through therapy and the help of her Service Dog, Sadie is now able to walk more independently, using a special balance harness that Solar wears. This level of independence has given Sadie the opportunity to be included, especially when she was able to join her class on a field trip, navigating rugged terrain on a nature hike, which she would not have been able to do with her walker or wheelchair. Sadie loves reading her favorite Judy Moody books out loud to Solar, who listens intently.

Solar, a beautiful labradoodle, was trained to assists a young girl, Sadie, who has mitochondrial disorder as well as autism spectrum disorder. Solar’s journey toward becoming a Service Dog began with a mother’s hope.

It has been an incredible experience, far more than what was expected, far more rewarding and wonderful, Nicki states, when asked about obtaining a TLCAD Service Dog for her daughter Sadie, who has autism and cerebral palsy. The hope that her daughter would one day be able to walk independently, without her wheelchair or walker, was part of the driving force that led this determined mother to pursue a Leash-On-Life Service Dog.

Through customized Service Dog placement training, dedication and perseverance, Sadie now walks independently with the assistance of her Service Dog, Solar. Solar has transformed the life of Sadie and her family, by giving them the gift of independence.