A Sgt. and His Dog


Sgt. Karl Hofle is a retired veteran of 20 years who has severe PTSD, depression and anxiety . He was united with Jake an assistance dog and life started to improve not only for Sgt.Kal Hofle but his family. However things took a turn for the worst when Jake became sick. The families option was to either pay $10,000 to cure him or to euthanize him. Instead the family took matters into their own hands and told their story and what this dog means to them. They received five times the amount needed to cure their dog! They cured Jake who is now able to continue helping Sgt. Karl Hofle and are giving back to the Wounded Warriors with the extra money they received.Hear more about Sgt. Karl Hofle and JakeAs a mostly non-profit organization that TLCAD is, it is stories like these that keep us striving to give not only the assistance of a dog to Wounded Warrior but to make sure that they need not worry about the costs of having these helpful canines. In order to do that we must thank all that has donated their time and money to help keep us going and growing! We ask now that whether you are new to hearing about our organization or are supporters to please think about volunteering or donating to our organization. It is because of our supporters that we are here and are able to give back to our Wounded Warriors for the courage they took in fighting for this country



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