Give Today: Fund-A-Need for GDA!

Our Fund-A-Need Campaign goal is to fulfill our Wish List of items for our programs. More than 40 items are on our list, starting at just $15, to benefit our nursery, puppy, veterinary, kennel, training, and student services departments, plus sponsorship opportunities and commemorative gifts. View all Fund-A-Need items at

GDA’s Fund-A-Need Campaign is open through December 31

Your donation will support our program that provides professionally trained guide dogs and instruction in their use at no cost to blind and visually impaired men and women across the U.S. and Canada.

This holiday season think outside the box!

Instead of struggling to decide what to buy for someone you love, how about making an online contribution to Guide Dogs of America in his or her honor? Your generous gift will help the school and allow you to bring your loved ones into a world you care deeply about.

All of the items in our Holiday Fund-A-Need Campaign make it possible for us to continue to provide an invaluable service to the visually impaired community in the United States and Canada. Plus, your donation is a tax deduction and the end of 2016 is just around the corner!

Spread the word!

Visit the Fund-A-Need website at now and share your favorite items from our Wish List. A post about GDA’s Fund-A-Need on Facebook, a tweet, or an email will help. If you tell two friends and they tell two more friends, then we’ll have a successful campaign.

And follow GDA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share our posts!

Please note: This is NOT an auction. Everything in our Holiday Campaign is either “Fund-A-Need” or “Sponsorship.” Simply put, your donation will be used to purchase items for use by Guide Dogs of America.

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