Puppy Raising Area Groups

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are an important part of the puppy raising experience, and raisers are required to attend regular meetings. (Raisers who are between puppies, but who wish to puppy sit must also attend at least six meetings per year.) Although you will pick the group closest to you as your “home base” group, you are also welcome to attend other meetings, as a guest, in addition to your monthly “home base” meeting. It’s important to get to know your local group members, as they are the people who can assist when you need a puppy sitter or when you want to arrange a training outing, etc. Shared community is an important and enjoyable part of puppy raising.

Interested in learning more? Prospective applicants are welcome to attend. As a courtesy, please contact the group leader in advance so s/he knows to expect you. We look forward to welcoming you to our next meeting!

Questions? Please call the Puppy Department at (818) 833-6447.

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