Stevie provides the gift of comfort

In a time of great sadness and grief, Hospice of the North Coast provides exceptional care to patients while supporting their family members at the Pacifica House. The Pacifica House is the only short term in-patient facility in North San Diego County created specifically for hospice patients and their families who require a higher level of skilled care to manage pain and symptoms. Far from a clinical atmosphere Pacifica House provides a warm and caring home-like environment for both the patient and the family to stay with their loved one. Hospice’s dedication to the best treatment methods and complimentary therapies led them to seek a TLCAD facility dog, to provide patients and family members with the calming and therapeutic effects of the human-canine connection.Stevie was trained by inmate trainers in the POOCH program, who equipped her with the skills to perform a variety of tasks and behaviors.Whether she is visiting a patient bed side or sitting in the family room with loved ones, Stevie’s calm and friendly demeanor brings an element of comfort during a very difficult time. Her ability to perform custom trained cues and behaviors allows her to support patients and family members in a variety of ways, from simply being there to be pet and loved on to providing deep pressure input.  A long-term goal for Stevie’s placement is to study the effects she has on patients’ well-being. Stevie’s handler Danielle, is the Pacifica House volunteer coordinator and does a wonderful job providing opportunities for patients and family members to benefit from a visit from Stevie.  Learn more about Stevie and her role at the Pacifica House.